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31,000 Eggs Incubator (Double Setter)
Technical Specifications:
  • To work on Power supply single phase 220/240 Volts AC, 50Hz.
  • 500 w cartage heaters - 12 nos.
  • Used Fan Motor 1/3 HP - 2 nos.
  • Used Turning Motor ½ HP –1 nos.
  • Fully Automated Digital controllers panel box.
Body Specifications:
  • 3mm Aluminum channels (Hindalco virgin material)
  • Using Export Quality Decorative hylam sheets (2.5mm)
  • 30mm 30 density thermocol
  • Using Body back hylam sheets of 7.5mm
Special Features:
  • Full automated wide display of digital controls with electronic PCB Panel box (We developed this design first time in India)
  • If digitals are not working, automatically manual controls (contact thermometers) will work (We developed this Technology first time in India) )
  • This incubator working 25 amps L&T contactor (Normal incubator will work on 5 amps or 15 amps Micro switch).
  • Heaters are operated by 12 amps relays (We developed this is the first time in India, Normal incubators are operating with 5 amps relays only).
  • Provided Alarm facility to indicate Low and High Temperature
  • Safety Fuse blow indicators
  • Turning timer with counter
  • Round Heaters with 19mm brass and nichrome elements with ceramic powder and provide 2 additional heaters for backup and these heaters will turn on automatically when low temperature.(We developed this feature also first time in India)
  • All MS&GI materials are coated with powder and electroplating
  • Wide Cabin mirrors provided for better visible of wet and dry thermometers and inside view.
  • Fan wings are special design made by Aluminum for easy air flow
  • Fan spindle weight reduced approx from 6kgs to 2kgs to speed up the Fan RPM.

Note: We proud to say some of the features in our Incubator are designed for first time in India and got first place for Quality incubators in Poultry India Exhibition-2011.